For Banco BOCOM BBM, the sustainability of its business is based not only on sound structuring of its assets but also on the quality of its funding sources in terms of both products and lender diversification, and maturities that match those of its credit portfolio. In this context Funding & Institutional Relationships, in conjunction with Wealth Management, continuously offers individual and corporate clients fixed-income securities issued by Banco BOCOM BBM.

In the local market the bank issues fixed-income securities for institutional clients (banks, companies, asset managers and insurers) and Wealth Management clients, mainly certificates of deposit (CDs), Agribusiness Credit Bills (LCAs), Real Estate Credit Bills (LCIs), and Financial Bonds (LFs).

The international area also plays an important role both in raising and diversifying the bank’s funding through financing and guarantee operations carried out jointly with the major international financial institutions.

  •  CDs

Traditional certificates of deposit with attractive rates and Banco BOCOM BBM’s credit risk.

  •  LCA and LCI *

Agribusiness Credit Bills (LCAs) » Securities backed by receivables from agribusiness transactions.
Real Estate Credit Bills (LCIs) » Securities backed by receivables from real estate transactions.
LCAs and LCIs are exempt from Financial Transaction Tax (IOF).

Both securities are exempt from the Financial Operation Tax (IOF).

  •  Financial Bonds (LFs) **

LFs are a long-term fixed-income investment, with Banco BOCOM BBM’s credit risk and earning a percentage of the CDI interbank rate or another agreed fixed rate. Suitable for qualified investors who seek a high return, have the capacity for long-term investment and do not require early redemption.

  •  No liquidity.
  •  Minimum term of 2 years.

* Subject to the availability of receivables.
** For clients who already have a relationship with Banco BOCOM BBM.

  •  Export financing

Funding backed by export financing transactions (ACC, ACE, NCE, PPE).

  •  Import financing

Funding backed by import financing transactions (FINIMP and letters of credit with financing).

  •  Guarantees

Confirmation and advising services for standby LCs, bid bonds, performance bonds and advance payment bonds.

  •  Letters of credit 

Confirmation, negotiation and advising services for import and export letters of credit.

  •  Working capital 

Clean funding.

  •  Loans with Multilateral

Trade Finance transactions backed by a guarantee issued by IFC (International Finance Corporation).

  •  Export forfaiting 

Discount of export letters of credit of term.