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Banco BOCOM BBM is a talent identification and development center that systematically pursues cutting-edge knowledge and prioritizes people who aim to achieve their professional goals, adding value to the organization.

Its culture provides ideal conditions for practical learning by facilitating direct contact with the day-to-day dynamics of the financial markets based on a broad exchange of knowledge in an environment characterized by highly qualified staff and integration of young teams with professionals who have vast experience in the Brazilian and global markets.

Banco BOCOM BBM attracts people who seek a dynamic AND meritocratic environment that enables them to develop both intellectually and financially.

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  •  Close relationships with the best universities.
  •  Support for research and academic development.
  •  Scholarships for undergraduates with the best performance indicators, undergraduate and graduate monitors, and candidates for an MSc or PhD in economics.


  •  Dynamic and intellectually challenging workplace climate.
  •  Unremitting pursuit of excellence, industry best practices, and innovations that make a difference in our business.
  •  Market-competitive and meritocracy-based compensation.


  • Objectives of individuals and teams aligned with business strategy.
  •  Compensation model aligns interests of THE executives with business results.

Academic profile

Academic profilePercentage
Postgraduate (MSc and higher)26.6%
Bachelor Degree67.0%
High School6.4%

The managers closely watch the development of the bank’s professionals. Growth potential is one of the key factors for motivation and mutual commitment between Banco BOCOM BBM and its staff.

The performance of each employee and intern is analyzed on the basis of a performance assessment policy that aligns professional growth with the organization’s long-term performance. Compensation includes a semiannual variable bonus tied to individual performance.

The aim of this program is to give students with an excellent academic performance an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge in strategic areas of the institution during their summer vacation. Contact with Banco BOCOM BBM’s professionals enables them to experience the day-to-day routine of the competitive financial market.
To participate in the program, watch out for the announcements normally published by universities in midyear.

Banco BOCOM BBM is always looking for new talent. We believe people are our most valuable asset. That’s why we seek professionals and interns who are creative, dynamic, and above all willing to tackle challenges.

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