Who we are

In a pioneering structure for its global expansion strategy, in 2016 Bank of Communications acquired 80% of Banco BBM’s equity to create Banco BOCOM BBM, BoCom’s first joint venture outside China.
Banco BOCOM BBM is therefore the result of an association between two banks that are recognized for their tradition and excellence. With agility and transparency, we offer the best solutions and financial services in the corporate and wealth management segments.

Tradition and solidity

BOCOM BBM originated in a joint venture between one of China’s oldest and largest banks and Brazil’s oldest private financial group.

Transparency in transactions

Transparency in selecting the best products and services available on the market, with high governance standards: this is what distinguishes the advisory services we offer clients in accordance with each profile.

Excellence in risk control

We have a long tradition of excellence in risk management. In the past 20 years we have invested in continuous development of proprietary risk management methodologies, always at the cutting edge of the industry.

Highly qualified staff

BOCOM BBM is a hub for identifying and training talented people. We place a high value on the systematic pursuit of advanced knowledge and prioritize people who add value to the organization in the course of their professional development.

Agility in decision making

We have a sound and transparent governance framework. Our executives are deeply committed to the activities affected by their decisions in the short and long term, and have the expertise to minimize any conflicts of interest between business units, executives and shareholders.

Flexibility to meet clients’ needs

With a team of trained and certifiied professionals, we pursue personalized solutions for Wealth Management clients.


I am very proud of BOCOM BBM brand, which marks a new beginning but also the heritage of a long history and tradition.

BBM has a successful history spanning two centuries. This results from the wisdom and effort of each generation of BBM´s excellent management team. The bank will now share elements of Bank of Communications’ culture, who also has a glorious history and has been in a leadership position during China’s financial industry reform over the past thirty years. Two long histories and great cultures now converge into BOCOM BBM.

Just like the name of our bank, only by closely connecting our confidence and wisdom together, focusing our mind, concentrating our forces, making full use of our strength and creativity, can we turn this good beginning into final success.  By that time, we will not only feel proud for working at BOCOM BBM,  but also be pleased with its results. Let’s work together to create a better future.

Sun Xu
Chairman of the Board

I am writing to you to present the BOCOM BBM brand, which express our commitment to you and the future of our business.

The brand combines classical Chinese ideograms with the English and Portuguese languages. The use of Chinese characters represents the tradition and the nationality of Bank of Communications, our new parent company. The use of English reflects a strategic decision by BoCom to be a global bank. The presence of the Portuguese language in the brand consists of the acronym BBM and our new name Banco BOCOM BBM S.A., defining the institution as a joint venture in which 20% of its total equity is held by Brazilians with a long history of success in the nation’s financial system.

I have been part of our group since 1979, always with great motivation and rewarded by various factors, among which I want to stress the quality of the professionals with whom I work. I am sure that the strategic decisions we have taken in the past ten years will continue to yield new instruments and capabilities, and that the services we deliver to you will reflect this in positive results in a continuous and growing manner.



Bank of Communications is one of the top five commercial banks in the People’s Republic of China. With more than 3,000 domestic branches, it operates in more than 10 countries including the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Australia, Canada, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

China is Brazil’s main trade partner and one of its largest investors. The joint venture between Bank of Communications and BBM heralds the advent of a new stage of growth in this relationship.

In the context of this growing cooperation between the two countries, Banco BOCOM BBM has enormous potential to boost business and capital growth, adding value for all its stakeholders and driving economic development.


Commonly used to represent prosperity, Chinese knots are part of a tradition that is thousands of years old. In Chinese, jié (knot) means union. A symbol pregnant with meanings that reflect the association between Bank of Communications and Banco BBM, and the new opportunities arising from this joint venture.