Who we are

Banco BOCOM BBM stems from two financial institutions with long histories in China and in Brazil. The convergent values of Bank of Communications and BBM are reflected in our ethics of valorizing people and encouraging the pursuit of knowledge capable of generating intellectual and material development.

We rely on dynamism and transparency in our relationships with clients in order to obtain results. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, free from prejudice, and to social and environmental responsibility in the places where we operate and the products we offer.

We offer financial services and lines of credit for companies established in Brazil and abroad. In managing the assets of individual clients, we apply personalized solutions aligned with best practices.

Through BOCOM BBM Asset Management, we offer investment funds plus the advantage of our expertise in quantitative risk, macroeconomic research, and credit analysis and monitoring.

Tradition and solidity

BOCOM BBM stems from one of the largest and oldest banks in China and the oldest private financial group in Brazil.

Transparency in transactions

Transparency in selecting the best products and services available on the market, with high governance standards: this is what distinguishes the advisory services we offer clients in accordance with each profile.

Excellence in risk control

We have a long tradition of excellence in risk management. In the past 20 years we have invested in continuous development of proprietary risk management methodologies, always at the cutting edge of the industry.

Highly qualified staff

BOCOM BBM is a hub for identifying and training talented people. We place a high value on the systematic pursuit of advanced knowledge and prioritize people who add value to the organization in the course of their professional development.

Agility in decision making

We have a sound and transparent governance framework. Our executives are deeply committed to the activities affected by their decisions in the short and long term, and have the expertise to minimize any conflicts of interest between business units, executives and shareholders.

Flexibility to meet clients’ needs

With a team of trained and certifiied professionals, we pursue personalized solutions for Wealth Management clients.

Message from Management

In the last two years, a pandemic has led to the loss of millions of lives and required extraordinary efforts from health workers around the world. During this long period, policies to protect the health of our staff have played a most important role and enabled all of us to continue working safely. Once again, our team has inspired immense pride in its competence, dedication and carefulness. Despite the difficulties we have all faced, we can therefore say that we are satisfied with the results obtained.

At the same time, we cannot forget that the transmissibility and severity of COVID-19 have caused changes with major short- and long-term impacts on the world’s main economies, including Brazil’s. The dynamics of the years ahead will see lasting effects of events that are unique in economic history. Here at BOCOM BBM, in accordance with our mission, values and technical capabilities, we are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves as a consequence of this enormous global shock.

The accelerating difference in growth between Asia and other continents, strongly reflected in the increase in trade between Brazil and China, reinforces the significance of our mission to participate in the economic integration of our two countries.

Monetary and fiscal expansion in Brazil and the United States, conducted with the aim of addressing perceptions of growing sectoral threats due to changing consumer habits, alongside unemployment and impoverishment of low-income households, have increased credit and price risks, especially in the emerging economies. Our outstanding experience in the Brazilian business environment presents opportunities in one of the most complex and sophisticated burgeoning financial markets.

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the acceleration of the technological transformations caused by changes in the behavior of consumers and producers, especially growing mobility and a clearer perception of global health and environmental risks. These sudden changes have affected the supply chains of several industries, commodity prices and, positively or negatively, the competitiveness of entire economic sectors, as well as employability.

The new generations have more to contribute to the prosperity of economies in general than in past periods when the pace of change was less intense. Behavior that favors connectivity between people, diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our incessant search for innovation and higher productivity.

We are well aware of the challenges we face in the years ahead, and we are well prepared to overcome them. Our long and recognized corporate culture, in conjunction with our binational characteristics, will help us on this journey in today’s dynamic and challenging global environment. Our present and future are constructed every day with the best practices, in pursuit of sustainable development, with respect for the environment, and in collaboration with the people with whom we interact directly and indirectly.


Sun Xu
Chairman of the Board


Alexandre Lowenkron
Executive President


Pedro Henrique Mariani


Bank of Communications is one of China’s five largest commercial banks. With over 3,000 domestic branches, it operates in more than ten countries.

China is Brazil’s leading trade partner and one of its largest foreign investors. Banco BOCOM BBM marked the onset of a new phase of growth in this relationship.

Backed by this growing cooperation between the two countries, Banco BOCOM BBM has enormous potential to drive expansion of business and wealth, adding value for all stakeholders, contributing to economic development, and strengthening financial ties between our clients and Asian markets.


Commonly used to represent prosperity, Chinese knots are part of a millennia-old tradition. In Chinese, jie means knot as well as union. A symbol loaded with meanings that reflect the opportunities arising from Brazil-Chinese relations.