Wealth Management

BOCOM BBM Wealth Management uses modern tools and vast experience to pursuit client`s investment objectives through structured financial solutions based on an open-platform model.



Creation of taylor made solutions for financial portfolio management.


Access to the best products and services available on the market.


Technology and expertise in evaluating investments through excellence in risk control and strict observance of the highest ethical standards.


Mitigation of conflicts of interest through transparency in selection of the best products and services available on the market with high governance


Portfolio Recommendation

  • Investment Recommendation
  • Market Monitoring
  • Portfolio Consolidation
  • Estate Planning
  • Personalized solutions for wealth management clients

Operational support to both the Banker and the Client

  • Transactions
  • Account opening
  • Client service
  • Suitability control


Client’s main contact with BOCOM BBM

  • Understanding client’s profile and requirements
  • Integration with the products and services offered by BOCOM BBM Platform


Portfolio Management

  • Exclusive and Restrict Funds
  • Market Monitoring

Use of the BOCOM BBM Conglomerate Structure

  • Macroeconomic research
  • Credit Structuring
  • Credit Funds
  • Credit Research
  • Products
  • Risk Analysis


  •  Open platform, selection of funds with the best managers on the market.
  •  Fund Manager Approval Meetings: Asset Allocation, Compliance and Risk conduct rigorous due diligence to select and approve new fund managers at regular meetings attended by members of the Executive Committee
  • Daily performance monitoring of all approved funds Industry watch, with regular reviews and visits to fund managers.
  • Industry watch, with regular reviews and visits to fund managers
Government bonds 
We provide access to bonds issued by the National Treasury, via the Tesouro Direto platform or directly via our Corporate Treasury.
Bank issue bonds 
Access to bonds issued by Banco BOCOM BBM and approved partner institutions.
  •  Agribusiness Credit Bills (LCAs) and Real Estate Credit Bills (LCIs)
  •  Financial Bonds (LFs)
  •  Certificates of Deposit (CDs)


Corporate bonds

  •  Access to bonds originated by Banco BOCOM BBM or third parties.
  •  Participation in approved primary issues and access to secondary bond market.
  •  Debentures
  •  Mortgage-Backed Securities (CRIs)
  •  Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRAs)
  •  Promissory Notes

Exclusive funds enable clients to consolidate their investments through an open architecture, with personalized and optimized management, and high standards of governance.

Asset Management
  •  Banco BOCOM BBM’s technology and expertise in evaluating the best assets on the market, such as bonds, investment funds and credit
  •  Management reports with details of investments
Cost Optimization
  •  Offsetting of gains and losses for income tax purposes
  •  Exemption from financial transaction tax (IOF) on portfolio transactions
  •  Dilution of fixed costs as volume increases
  •  No semiannual capital gains tax (come-cotas) on shares in closed-end funds (Law 10892/09)

Risk Control

  •  Consolidated risk control
  •  Asset diversification without the need to hold accounts with several institutions
  •  Secrecy via use of trading name.

Banco BOCOM BBM has a solid macroeconomic research department that analyzes the economic and political outlook for Brazil, China and the world.

Wealth Management clients receive regular reports and also have access to the bank’s macroeconomic research team through events in various formats, including presentations, meetings and conference calls, to discuss ideas and answers clients’ questions about the economic and political outlook at home and abroad.

Financial Services

  •  Foreign exchange
  •  Loans
  •  Bank guarantees
  •  Non-deliverable forwards (NDFs)

We offer a range of solutions, products and services for Brazilian clients who have moved abroad and for foreign investors who wish to maintain a portfolio of assets in Brazil under the terms of the Central Bank Resolution 4373.